Alfred Colliander

  • Trainer
  • Management consultant
  • Organizational developer
  • Coach

He is fluent and works in French, English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

My background

I was raised in Finland in a humanistic environment by an « old style entrepreneur » father and a multilingual mother who had lived in Estonia, Germany and South Africa. I inherited their curiosity and interest in human relations. I then went on to study economics and from there to present a political science thesis in Grenoble about the daily life of older people in institutions in Lyon at the time of the French revolution.

My values

My basic philosophy is to address each of my clients as a person with infinite potential. To illustrate this I like using the image of the “Xmas parcel” waiting to open itself to surprise us. This means that my perspective on each of my clients and his organization is both global and benevolent. It also includes that I’m not afraid to address delicate subjects which hamper individual and organizational progress. If we don’t dare to address them, then who will?

My references

It might seem unexpected to approach leadership through philosophy and literature. My clients have however been delighted to discover the extent to which the theater director Stanislavski and his theory about the actor, or the poems of Machado shed a new fresh light on  the work and relations to people of a leader. Some more classical inspirations are Marvin Weisbord, Peter Senge and Edgar Schein as well as many of the writers of the Tavistock school.

Degrees: PhD in political science (Science Po Grenoble, France), Master in Economics (Swedish Business High School Helsinki); trained in large group intervention, Marvin Weisbord; consultancy training (Arbetskonulterna, Sweden).

Long experience in the identification of improvement potential (15 years as operational auditor in a multinational covering all different functions).

Today in charge of teaching at the University of Lausanne and at the HEG in Geneva, leadership coach at IMD in Lausanne as well as in charge of various projects with other clients.

15, AVENUE GLAYRE  |  CH - 1004 LAUSANNE  |  +41 (0)21 648 78 79  |  +41 (0)79 217 23 13  |  COLLIANDER@CROSSLEARNING.CH

Insurances (Mobilière, Bâloise, Suva); Communication (Swisscom, Orange); Pharma (Pfizer, Merckserono, BASF Pharma); Engineering (Siemens, Hydro-Vevey), Banks (Julius Bär); Hospitals (Private clinic, St Loup, La Tour hospital, Geneva); High schools and universities (Geneva University, IMD, Lausanne hotel school, Bluche and Glion, HEG, UNIL, CIMA, Colombo, Sri Lanka) and development (DDC,GTZ,CIDR), large and mid-sized companies (Julius Bär, Tetra Pak, Nespresso, Nestlé, Elcotherm)